English Quick Guide

Welcome to 0dechet.com, which stands for 0waste in French. Until some pages get translated in English, here are a few hints on how you should use the Parisian Freecycle Yahoo! Group.

In the subject line, please use these keywords ONLY:

 English French Syntax Example
 OFFER DONNE DONNE object - location DONNE chaise - Paris 20e

You don't have to push yourself to use French if you don't speak French: English will perfectly do.

As a general rule, you can't send more than one WANTED every 2 weeks. Also it's better if you can GIVE something before you ask for stuff. If you come from some other Freecycle group abroad, please notify us : if you had given your stuff on the other group you may be allowed to ask for something immediatly.

Please have a look at the official manual, in english. Keep in mind that the Parisian rules are a little bit different, probably a little bit more flexible.

The group itself is hosted on Yahoo! Groups which is in English.

You can contact the moderators at the following email address: freecycleparis-owner@yahoogroups.com.